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Choosing the Right Roof for your New Home

Plans For a New Roof

Picture your house without a roof. It will definitely not pass the requirement of specifications or feature expectation to even be call as a house; or even be consider as a home suitable for a family to live in. Roof has always been a vital piece for a house. It is important to pay attention to this part of the house in order to securely protect you and the other possessions you have. This is indeed a vital part that makes your new house notably complete, regardless of the style, size and framing structure; even the tradition and culture are also a factor that influences the roofing.

Various architectural designs presents a wide range of concepts for roof options which is why homeowners often get confused with their choices. Aside from that, the roofing materials are also put into consideration when you are making a pick among the roofing you wish to have for your house because you would like to choose the right one.

This is a usual struggle for most homeowners who are at the moment drafting their new home. Obviously, one would wish to match it perfectly. Should you take on the challenge of having custom sheet metal and copper roofing systems? How about residential asphalt roofs? Would you prefer sloped roofs over flat roofs? No matter which type of roofing system and specific demands you have envisioned for your roof, we can make it into a reality! We know what a new roof does for your home so you can expect a secured, comfortable and presentable image for your house- a 100% guaranteed result you and your home greatly deserve!

We Are The Roof Change You Need!

Plans for a new roof or new home re-roofing can be complex and some may even think it’s quite expensive. But actually that shouldn’t be the case. With us by your side, through our comprehensive planning and strategically crafted services, you can anticipate a great change for your roof in the most affordable rates you can ever imagine!

Since the day we have been established, new homeowners across Kitchener and neighboring areas have relied on us when it comes to a new roof and re-roofing services.  As we provide unparalleled quality in both products and service, we have always been the leading name in the industry. Consistently, we deliver not just what is needed but as well as beyond expectations for both residential or commercial settings – and that is what makes us standout among the other Kitchener Roofing Companies.

Our invaluable years of experience and knowledge are back up with certify roofing experts. Each of our roofers, technicians and installer are highly-train to be sufficiently skillful. They are professionally dedicated and insured so you can rest assured for any unexpected roofing emergencies.  Aside from that, they have also undergone with a thorough background check so you wouldn’t have to worry of the people you welcome into your home, your office or commercial building. However those aren’t just the factors that unbeatably set our reputation as the #1 Kitchener Roofing Company!

We are also happy to serve you as:

  • Your Best Roofman Buddy whom you can easily call on whenever you are in a new roof or new home re-roofing crisis.
  • Your Roofing System Guide whom you can trust and openly discuss everything you need to know. If there is something you are worrying or trouble in deciding the right roof for your house, you can tell us your worries. We are available for you to contact 24/7!
  • High-quality attention to workmanship whether it is about slate roof, standing seam metal roof, asphalt roofing, wood shingle roof, composite shingle roofing or clay tile roof.
  • Spot-on-Solutions that will straightly deliver a successful re-roofing end-results! There are no complicated talks, dramatic deals or sales pitch needed because what we’ll give you is direct and honest service unlike empty promises from other roofing companies.
  • All-Rounder Professional Roofers whom you can expect exceptional customer experience that includes timely visit and roof inspection.

We make sure that every tiny aspect of our work process is align to what we have purposely aim as our mission. Once you ask for our assistance, we don’t offer you any crash course about the roof but rather we sincerely communicate with each of our customers to ensure that they’ll be able to determine the right one that matches their needs as well as what they want. After all, that is what an expert should be!

New Roof At Its’ Finest Quality

You might be thinking if it’s truly possible to experience such high-quality service from professional roofers, it is time to have no doubts my friend! Yes, there are people who are “I-need-to-see-it-to-believe-it” type that is why we like to challenge you in checking our testimonial page to see what our customers and clients are saying about us. We also offer quotes so you can have a free estimates before you can see how we are in action.

We understand that there’s a difference between residential roof and commercial roof, but that doesn’t hinder us to lack in standard for both settings. Our team of roof specialists will make sure that you can still work with your usual schedule as much as possible without causing any hindrances or delay for both residential and commercial buildings. You can expect a detailed report on your roof’s health along with recommendations that works best. Plus the fact that you wouldn’t have to go such length of spending too much just to get new roof, is something we are proud to offer! Call us today to know the affordable rates we have for you!

We can’t wait to show you how a new roof can make a whole new image for your house and entirely change the way you desire it to be! Feel free to contact us anytime and we’ll be ready to assist you whatever you might need!

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